Optimist Racing Checklist

Optimist Racing Checklist - Viking Marine

Are you going to an Optimist sailing event? Are you worried that you will forget something? Don't forget anything with our checklist.


For the boat:

Optimist Checklist Boat - Viking Marine

  • Toggles (or pennant holders)
  • Burgee
Optimist Low Friction Burgee - Viking Marine or Optimist Wind Indicator Std - Viking Marine

We recommend that you bring a spare vang and halyard as these two tend to brake with use. 

If you like doing things yourself, you can always learn how to splice vectran (which believe us is simpler than it looks). You will find a video from Rooster here showing how to splice a simple loop: https://youtu.be/HiOzEELTWp4

Then all you need is a simple splicing needle and a reel of 3mm Vectran.

For the sailor: 

Optimist checklist for the sailor - viking marine


For the parents:

  • Sun hat or a warm hat depending on the weather. 
  • Sunglasses
  • Thermos flask to keep some tea or coffee while you wait. 

and a big  😊.

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