Product of the month: Constrictor® Rope Clutch.

Product of the month: Constrictor® Rope Clutch.

Constrictor Rope Clutch


  Dame innovativeDame Catwin  

Awarded DAME category winner and DAME most innovative product in 2011,
the Constrictor® clutch has a lot worth talking about.


Unlike any other clutch on the market, the Constrictor® does not use a metal jaw but a Technora® (aramid) sleeve. As the tension comes on the halyard the sleeve constricts over the rope clamping it in position. 

In few words, the Constrictor® is:

- 3 times lighter than a conventional metal Clutch

- More resistance- It doubles the rope holding capacity. It can take tensions of several tonnes over a long period of time. (The largest in the range will take up to 4 tonnes.)

- No more abrasion. It extends the life of the halyard as lines are not being crushed by metal jaws. Furthermore, the constriction is applied on a longer length and on 100% of the rope surface meaning that there is no possible movement of your line.

- You can release the halyard under load without using the winch- much quicker for an urgent sail drop.

- The trip line can be stretched out with a Dyneema® add on to create a remote system. 

- It is easy to install and can be mounted over pre-existing clutches holes. 


Constrictor Full rig Example of a boat fitted with a full Constrictor® set. Neat looking right?






If you are not convinced yet, you can watch the video below to see how easy it is to operate and how clever this little system is. 







Now there is only one thing left to do:

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And for the ones who already got theirs, here are some handy tips:

We also have an installation guide that we will be happy to email you if you need. Just email us with your request at


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