5 Winter Dinghy Sailing Essentials

5 Winter Dinghy Sailing Essentials

If you are looking for a list of dinghy sailing essentials, please go to our previous blog post: Complete Dinghy Clothing Guide

In here, we'll just be mentionning, 5 of our staff pick to keep you warm this winter while you're out sailing on your dinghy. 

1. Rooster Pro Aquafleece

Build with a heavier fleece lining than the traditional Rooster Aquafleece, the Rooster Pro Aquafleece is fully taped and has cuffs and waist adjustments making it an ideal partner of your winter sailing days. 

2.  Gul Dartmouth Drysuit

If getting into a wetsuit is not for you, then the drysuit is the one garment to try. As its name states, it will keep you warm no matter what. 

3. Rooster Supertherm Top 

Rooster Supertherm Top - Viking Marine

The Rooster Supertherm top is a 4mm blind stitched neoprene garment with plush fleece lining perfect as a liner under your wetsuit or as a warm layer under your hikers. 


4. Rooster Aquafleece Beanie


Winter wouldn't be winter without beanies and scarves. It goes the same way with Winter Dinghy Sailing. We recommend this water repellent and wind resistant beanie as your ally for any cold days.

5. Rooster Hot Hands

Viking Marine Rooster Hot Hand

Hands are always hard to keep warm during the winter. It is difficult to find the right balance between warmth and grip. Fortunately, there is a great solution. The Rooster Hot Hands liners. Perfect under your regular pair of sailing gloves, their heat reflective fabric gives you the additional warmth needed without compromising dexterity. 







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