Sebago Cleaner and Conditioner: An extraordinary product.

Sebago Cleaner and Conditioner: An extraordinary product.

Quite often we are asked if the cleaning creams and conditioners for leather shoes are worth using. 

Well, let me tell you the story of my little man (3 years old) who decided to be a tiger and proceeded to scratch my entire couch with his nails while I went to the kitchen to grab him a glass of water.

When I came back the couch looked like this:

  Leather Care Before - Viking Marine

Not one corner had been spared which made me think two things:

1. My kid was a really terrifying tiger.

2. Time to try the Sebago Cleaner and Conditioner I had kept in the press for when my leather shoes would be in need of a good clean.

I poured a good amount onto a dry sponge and rubbed the couch with it. 

The result speaks for itself:

Leather Care After - Viking Marine

On top of being super effective, this product is eco-friendly as it is made from natural ingredients like coconut and jojoba oils and totally biodegradable.

One more reason to BUY yours now.




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