Local Heroes restore Sandycove and 40 foot to litter free

beach cleaners - viking marine

We would like to thank Liz and Deirdre two volunteers who restored Sandycove and the 40 foot to their usual beauty after the onslaught of visitors last weekend. The scenes in the evening were horiffic - littered beaches, changing areas used as public toilets, dirty nappies, broken glass - you name it. Not to mention the shoes, towels shorts etc that were left behind. Liz and Deirdre are our Local Heroes who volunteer to do this beach clean regularly and with grim determination. In case that is not enought they have engaged with IADT to use the clothing left behind as part of a project for the design students in Dunlaoghaire.

We would ask DLRCC to please increase the frequency with which bins are changed during the summer as part of their remit and environmental policy to Save Our Seas

And to anyone wishing to join the volunteers the Town Hall will provide us with Gloves, Bags and Litter pick ups. They will also collect the litter once in their  bags left at the bins at the entrance to the beach and 40 foot.


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