Mindset plays a winning role for Finn in Palma

Finn Lynch - Viking Marine Brand Ambassador

Before setting off again we had a chance to get some thoughts from Finn on his great result at the Palma Regatta and the link if any between his great performance and the Performance HQ mindset. It appears this is. Here are Finn's owns words on Mindset

'This week I meant business. The only notable difference in this regatta to other regattas in the past was between my ears! Before the race I created some strategies with some Irish Sailing coaches and my sport psych to help get me into the zone. It worked. In laser sailing your focus needs to be constantly changing from speed, tactics, strategy, checking for the jury, risk management, thinking ahead, among other things and when you focus on one aspect at the wrong time you lose. An example might be if you are deciding whether you should tack or not and you hit a bad wave and lose a boatlength that might cost you a lot later on in the race. This makes laser sailing so hard but so rewarding when things come together. 
I'm excited to have made a leap forwards and pumped to try back it up next week in the Genoa World Cup.' 
With this mindset we wish Finn continued success and another great week in Genoa

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