New - Orca Swimming Gear's making a splash in Viking Marine

New - Orca Swimming Gear's making a splash in Viking Marine
Viking Marine - Orca Swimming Gear New In

The leading brand in open water swimming and triathlon equipment just arrived in Viking Marine.


With amazing swimming spots like the Fourty Foot and Seapoint nearby, it's high time we expand our product range for open water swimmers. We are pleased to announce the arrival of Orca swimming range in our store. Orca is the leading brand in OWS and Triathlon equipment providing high quality aerodynamic products. 

To keep you visible in the water, we have selected Orca's Safety Buoy. Designed in a hi-vis orange material this dry bag will ensure you are seen from ashore and by boats and lifeguards.

Its built in bladder provides swimmers with a resting cushion and a storage compartment for your valuables. When you are done swimming and you dried yourself with your Gul changing poncho, pack your wetsuit along with any other wet items in its dry bag compartment and simply throw the bag onto your shoulders thanks to its adjustable lanyard.

Viking Marine Orca Safety Buoy - Swimming buoy


Open water swimmers have highlighted to us the importance of staying visible and warm. This is why we brought the Orca Neoprene Swim Cap  into our range. The hi-vis orange neoprene cap is cut with a built in chin strap making sure it is secure on your head and covers your ears preventing potential swimmer's ear while keeping you warm and visible. An ideal partner to any winter water based activity. The cap is a perfect addition to our swimming range  which includes items like the Gul Power Gloves and Rooster Supertherm Socks.

Orca Neoprene Swim Cap - Viking Marine


This is the start of a growing range and we hope to receive shortly the Orca Open Water One Piece Wetsuit and other Orca products so watch this space for updates.




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