The reasons why we loved the Laser Masters World Championships 2018!

Why we loved the Laser Masters World Championships 2018 - Blog post - Viking Marine

Laser Masters World Championships Report - Viking Marine

The Laser Masters World Championships 2018 are over and we have decided to share our experience as chandlers with you. Let us give you the reasons why we loved the Laser Masters World 2018 so much.

Reason number one is that it took place in our playground in Dun Laoghaire. However, we feel that there is a little bit more than this to talk about. 

First of all, the participants.

What a nice crowd! We would like to thank all the Laser sailors for making last week a very enjoyable one here in Viking Marine. Everybody was in good spirit and constantly smiling. Despite being cold, tired and even sometimes disappointed with their results, the Laser racers always came to the shop with a smile and a good story to tell. And we all know how tough the sailing was especially the first few days of racing.

It was uplifting to hear customers from all over the world complimenting us on our shop. (Although we are quite aware that there is always room for improvement.😁)

Not being Laser agents, we had worked hard to prepare for the Laser Masters World Championships and were glad to find out our Harken and Windesign stock proved helpful.

For the event, we had introduced our new range of Harken Power3 57mm ratchet blocks which come in 3 options to best take advantage of the day's conditions. We are yet to hear some feedbacks on these. Anybody used them already? Let us know in the comment section.  


Harken Power 3 57mm Carbo Ratchet Blocks - Viking Marine


We had also made sure our rope display was packed with Kingfisher's best selection of Dyneema core, SK78, braid on braid and shock cord.

Doug and Pam from the United States were so taken by our Kingfisher ropes display that they felt the need to share it on their blog It is worth a read if you want an insider take on the week.

IViking Marine rope display

Talking about rope, we were  delighted to rescue a couple of customers with their splicing needs. Marion who does our splicing in the shop worked some magic to get customers back racing the next day. Look at this kicker she spliced for a visitor:


Laser Kicker Spliced in store - Viking Marine

Steve Cockerill, Rooster's top man took some time out of his busy racing schedule to stop by and show us the top features on some of Rooster's newest additions to our store including the Rooster Pro Aquafleece Rigging Coat, a perfect ally for any rainy day.

The coat is designed using the same fabric as one of the most popular product of the event, the Rooster Pro Aquafleece. Sailors from warmer countries got cold and soon realised that the waterproof heavy fleece spraytop was their best friend while sailing in Dublin Bay. 

Rooster Pro Aquafleece Rigging Coat - Viking Marine

Thanks Steve and congratulations on your huge win in the Radial Grand Master's category (for full results see:

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the massive work that has been put in place by our local clubs: the Royal St George Yacht Club and the National Yacht Club. Without them and the volunteers, the Masters would not have run as smoothly as they have. What an achievement! 

All and all we are looking forward to another event like this and would like to congratulate all the winners of the Laser Masters World Championships 2018.

How about you? What did you think of the week's event? What was your most memorable moment? We would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment in the comment section below. 






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