Whats new at Dusseldorf Boat Show 'Boot 50'

Wave Pool for Dunlaoghaire - Viking Marine

What's new at Dusseldorf Boat Show, 'BOOT 50'

In making a quick exit to the airport on wednesday and realising I had forgotten a show proof pair of shoes I grabbed a new pair of Dubarry Clippers. Having done over 19,000 steps on day one I was not suffereing from tired and aching feet, my shoes and I were still friends. Thanks Dubarry, great workmanship.

 We found some great new products at the show and will keep you posted as we launch them in the shop and on line - chandlery, clothing, safety equipment and new products to market. Interesting to note that 'sustainability', 'recycled' and 'ecologique' is now part of many of the brand stories.Many exhibitors were making big noise in this area as a unique point of difference. Save Our Oceans had a very impressive pitch at the show and lots of evidence to suggest we will see more of this.

The level of interest in the wave pool got us all thinking that Dun Laoghaire really should have its very own

Many of our suppliers were exhibiting and drawing crowds with some great demonstrations including; Spinlock, Topper, Rooster and Helly Hansen .

 There was a strong and diverse Irish presense at Boot 50 including MGM Boats , BJ Marine, Anchor Dive Lights of Donegal, Latitude Kinsale and Donegal Tourism.

And as the last show before the sailing season begins it was great to meet up with some old pals Paul Adamson now with Oyster Yachts and the team at Topper


What show is a show without a bit of dreaming - the Viking Marine run around complete with hammock! #iwasborntosailnottowork #relaXzone


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