Words of wisdom from the east for young sailors

Words of wisdom from the east for young sailors
As our young sailors start summer courses in the Yachtbclubs and sail training schools across the country we looked to Finn Lynch for some advice from his training camp in Japan.
'I'm often asked what advice I would give to young Irish sailors. Personally, I want to influence the young sailor who wants to be competitive and who are thinking about the Olympics. One thing I can say is that yes, it is possible but do commit early. I'm sure lots of Olympic athletes wished they started the serious training one or two years earlier. So if the Olympics are your dream, follow your dream, start training, seek out expert advice and put in the hard work. It pays off!' 
And our advice here in Viking Marine to all young sailors this summer is get out on the water, have fun, learn lots and enjoy making friends that you will have for a lifetime. 
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