Ecoworks 'Preserve the living Seas' cleaning products now in stock

We have a new product we would like you to consider as you start getting boats ready for launch. Just landed on our shelves and impressed us on our own trial are a selection of the Ecoworks Marine produce in stock the “Preserve the Living Seas ®” range of yacht and boat cleaning products which are environmentally clean, sustainable, eco-friendly, non flammable, concentrate liquids and have been specifically formulated for the boat and marine industry.

We love them because the products are biorenewable, biodegradable and sustainably formulated to minimize the stress, acidity and impact on the marine environment. In choosing the Ecoworks Marine,Preserve The Living Seas®, range, we are keep vessels clean and at the same time helping to reduce the pollution of all our oceans and the ongoing decline of the fauna and flora of our oceans.

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