Deck Shoes Guide

Deck Shoes Guide

How to care for your deck shoes

When it comes to caring for your marine footwear there are a number of things you can do to maintain the quality of your shoes or boots and prolong their life.


Dubarry have a great range of products specifically designed for marine footwear.

Cleaner - Suitable for all types of footwear. The cleaner aids in the removal of dirt and other residues and prepares leather for proofing and conditioning.

Conditioner - Suitable for all types of leather including smooth & full grain, suedes and nubucks. Designed to improve the look at feel of your leather deck shoes and boots. 

Protector - Suitable for Nubuck and Suede. Leather Suede Protector Spray is the world's first water-based fluorochemical spray for footwear. In addition to restoring a water repellent finish, this spray offers a high-resistance to oil and stains.

Leather Cream - Suitable for smooth leather only. Like human skin, natural leathers require regular moisturizing. Leather cream helps protect, preserve and soften leather while also enhancing the water repellent properties

Continual/Ongoing care. 

Salt water - Your leather shoes and boots are made to last but one of the biggest challenges to this is salt water. Salt water is corrosive and over time can damage your sailing boots and shoes.  One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to rinse the footwear with freshwater as often as you can, ideally after every use. 

Storage - When storing your boots and shoes you should follow these guidelines.

  1. Footwear should be cleaned, dried and treated before storing for a prolonged period
  2. Boots will keep better shape over time when Dubarry boot trees are inserted
  3. Storage environment should be cool, dry and consistent
  4. Avoid storage in direct sunlight, or any extreme conditions


How should deck shoes fit?

Deck shoes for the most part will fit the same as any other footwear. The sizing will match closely to shoes you have previously worn. It is, however, important to note that unlike deck runners, leather deck shoes will stretch over time. When trying on a pair of leather deck shoes and you find you're between sizes it is recommended to pick the tighter pair. When buying online you should select a half size down to your regular shoe size. 

Wearing-In - You will need to "wear-in" your new deck shoes. Some people will find that a deck shoe can feel uncomfortable at first. This is normal with new leather footwear. Simply wear them around the house a few times for as long as is comfortable and you will find that the shoes quickly mold and shape to your foot.

How to lace your shoes 

To get the complete look for your leather deck shoes you'll need to learn how to "knot your dubes". We made a quick video to show how to do this. Follow the video and instructions below.


Step 1 - Double the lace back on itself

Step 2 - Holding half the length of the doubled lace together, take the loose end, twist it at least four times around the doubled part

Step 3 - Pass the loose end through the remaining loop

Step 4 - Holding the twists firmly, pull the shoe end of the lace back through the twists until the loop is tight over the loose end. 

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