What is Fertan?

What is Fertan?

Fertan Rust Converter is a unique product and differs in its use over rust remover. Fertan Rust Converter is ideal for collision and restoration work. Fertan Rust Converter will remove rust and then leave a black Zinc Phosphate coating that directly adheres to the metal. Itcan easily be sprayed on frame rails, inside frame rails, inside door jambs, in window pillars, inside of doors, door skins, fenders, hoods, trunk lids and truck beds. It can be sprayed anywhere you want to remove rust. Fertan Rust Converter is also ideal for steel wheels, cast iron objects, metal lawn furniture, metal fence, metal pipes, lawn mowers and tractors.


How to apply Fertan

FERTAN converts rust to an inert stable material that can be painted or coated. On bare metal, it prevents rust. It is extremely efficient and has unlimited shelf life.

1. Loosen surface rust using a brush, abrasives or pressure washer.

2. Apply FERTAN using a brush, roller or sponge and let it sit for about an hour.

3. Dampen the treated surface with water to maximize penetration.

4. Leave FERTAN to react with the surface for 24 hours at 68°F to 48 hours if lower for best results.


The purpose of Fertan is to provide you with all the benefits of shot blasting with no surface damage and no material loss.  The advantage is that it can be achieved by just unscrewing the top of the container and working a brush or spray.

As there is no blasting the process is nuisance free and silent.  You are able to observe and be sure that all the rust has been converted before applying opaque paint coats.

Laboratory tests and practical experience have proved this efficiency many hundreds of thousands of times across Europe and the rest of the world.  The lab results are linked here laboratory testing and make interesting reading.

For details of how to use Fertan Rust Converter.  

The technical details of how Fertan works are complex but are detailed in several of the patents and a representative one is available in the tabs across.  As with all our products please contact us to discuss any specific queries and we will either answer them or, if we don’t know the answer, we’ll talk with our chemists who designed and made it.

Fertan is suitable for treating steel and iron surfaces, even if they have to be left for weeks or months prior to final painting.  Rust is removed and prevented from re-forming for up to six months so delays in your painting schedule will not be a disaster.  Fertan can be overcoated with oil or water based paints, epoxy, lacquer, wax…….

Fertan is a complex, patented tannic acid, water based non toxic product.  It offers exceptional protection against rust despite being environmentally friendly.  Isocyanates and high volatiles are not necessary so we don’t use them.

Fertan converts loose rust to powder that can be rinsed away leaving a converted stable and inert surface.

Fertan when kept in closed containers and reasonable conditions has an unlimited shelf life.

Application is simple and safe….

Brush off loose rust and remove dirt, oil or silicone products that will prevent Fertan reaching the metal surface.

Apply Fertan by brush, roller or spray and leave for 24 hours, extending this to 48 hours in low temperatures.

The surface can now be rinsed off and overpainted.  The overpainting can be left for weeks, months or years depending on the environmental conditions.

Do try Fertan Rust Converter, it should be the end of your search for an effective answer to rust.

5. Remove the black powdery dust with a damp cloth and leave it to dry.

6. Paint the treated surface with paint within 6 months, for effective long-term results.

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