Unveiling the New International Topper Dinghy with Rota-Moulded Polyethylene Hull!

Unveiling the New International Topper Dinghy with Rota-Moulded Polyethylene Hull!

After an impressive 47-year run, the iconic Topper is embarking on an exciting new journey. We are delighted to announce that Viking Marine is now offering the highly anticipated new International Topper Dinghy with a state-of-the-art rota-moulded polyethylene hull. Along with a few minor design updates, this groundbreaking development ensures superior quality and performance for sailors. 

ITCA World announced in a recent press release that the new International Topper with a rota-moulded polyethylene hull has received full ratification and approval from World Sailing. The latest edition of the Class Rules, which incorporates the necessary updates to accommodate the new hulls, can now be found on the World Sailing website. With World Sailing's endorsement, the new rota-moulded polyethylene hull is recognized as class legal for the International Topper, allowing sailors who own this hull to compete on an equal footing with the original injection moulded polypropylene boats, without any penalty. With the highly anticipated Topper World Championships on the 24-28 July, this approval marks a landmark for the 2023 season and youth sailing as a whole.

To ensure the Topper's future, a transition to rota-moulded polyethylene hulls, widely used by global boat manufacturers, was essential. This decision addressed ageing mould issues, production limitations, and economic viability.

Witness the groundbreaking process behind the creation of these game-changing boats in this video: Topper I Production Update.

World Sailing's approval of the new hull was obtained following unanimous support from all active national International Topper Class Associations across the globe. To ensure the utmost integrity of this decision, evaluation trials were conducted in Portland Harbour at the beginning of June, with the presence of senior officers from ITCA GBR and ITCA Ireland. 

Get ready for an extraordinary sailing experience with the cutting-edge International Topper Dinghy and its rota-moulded polyethylene hull. Viking Marine is excited to offer you the opportunity to enhance your performance on the racecourse. 

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