Rooster Classic hiking shorts in a range of sizes

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These hikers have been designed to Southern Hemisphere standards with 10.5" battern pads and 'diamond' neoprene to give both support and protection with longevity. The knee section of this garment has now been redesigned to give better protection to the knee with a built in knee pad coupled and stretchy material behind the knee to allow for a good fit on all leg sizes or on top of other layers such as a dry suit.

New non stretchy back panel now gives extra back support when the braces are crossed at the front.
Use lycra shorts to give you the right amount of grip and slip and prevent wear of the batten pockets from an abrasive deck. 

Size Guide

Weight Height
  1.52m 1.6m 1.67m 1.75m 1.83m 1.9m >1.9m
60kg XS-2 XS-2 XS-2 XS-2 S-3 S-3 -
65kg S-3 S-3 S-3 S-3 S-3 S-3 -
70kg S-3 S-3 S-3 S-3 S-3 S-3 S-3
75kg S-3 S-3 S-3 S-3 S-3 S-3 S-3
80kg M-4 M-4 M-4 M-4 S-M 3-4 S-M 3-4 S-M 3-4
85kg - M-4 M-4 M-4 M-4 M-4 S-M 3-4
90kg - M-4 M-4 M-4 M-4 M-L 4-5 M-L 4-5
95kg - - L-5 L-5 L-5 L-5 L-5
100kg - - L-5 L-5 L-5 L-5 XL-6
110kg - - XL-6 XL-6 XL-6 XL-6 XL-6

The above chart is a guide to the size of hiking shorts that you will need for your particular 
build, where there is a choice between two sizes it is better to opt for the smaller size as
these will give less movement between you and the boat.

For the shorter, heavier sailors (you know who you are) the three quarter length shorts may
not be suitable unless your legs are particularly long in relation to your height!

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